Thursday, January 29, 2009


This is a sweatshirt I embroidered. This was also sold in a scrapbook show and at a scrapbook store.

Screen Printing

This tee shirt was screen printed. I made these for a scrapbook show. They were also sold in a few scrapbook stores.

Heat Press Vinyl

This tee shirt was actually created using heat press vinyl. It gives the look of screen printing. I love to do heat press vinyl on small volume orders with 1 color it saves alot of time and set up. I also don't charge a set up fee when I do these. So of course the customer loves it too. Its also easier to do numbers for sports teams.

Here is a candle I decorated with some vinyl lettering. The vinyl is removable to burn or if I want to change to different decal or lettering.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I did the vinyl for this however this creation was made by my sister-in-law. These can also be customized with your own family motto. For purchase information please email
All sales of these go directly to a fund raiser for a school leadership trip to Europe for my nieces group.

I have to give my sister-in-law full credit for this idea. She came up with the idea of the wall hanging. I stole her idea and made this one. All sales of this go directly to my niece's fundraiser.

This is another fun vinyl "wall" (actually it was done on a column) creation. Framed mirrors under each word.
This is a tile from either Home Depot or Lowes. Its just diplayed with a plate stand that you can buy anywhere JoAnn's, wal-mart ect.

This is an example of some embroidery done on a fleece blanket. There are so many great ways to personalize for gifts. It's always a great thing to give a personalized gift to "the person who has everything".

This chair has been personalized with vinyl as well. As you can see vinyl is my favorite medium to work with right now.
I love personalization. I think I have always loved seeing my name on stuff. I remember as a child my mother getting me pencils with my full name on them. As a kid, you love your name on your things especially with the trend of unusually spelled names. How fun to see your child's unique name displayed.

This is so adorable for a girls room. This is also vinyl lettering done on a wall.

This Dragon is also made from vinyl. It was quick and easy to put up. Eventually there will be many more added along with their names that go along with a story that is being written all from the imagination of an 11 yr. old boy.

This is vinyl lettering on a wall. I love vinyl lettering because if you get tired of the saying you can just peel it off and put something else up. It is so much easier than wall paper. People have asked me if my kids pick it off. First of all they love it and beg me to do their walls and second they would have to be able to reach it. I personally believe that it is very kid friendly because you can just wipe it off if it gets messy or finger printed. If your daughter out grows princesses and then gets into fairies its easily changed.